Stone Options in Countertops

dean-lumber-granite-countertopThe look is rich, the feel is luxurious and the material is durable. Such is the definition of natural stone countertop. Whether it comes in the form of a slab or produced as individual tiles each piece of the natural stone is unique unto itself.
Always take time and care to choose the one that will work best for your needs. Most are virtually maintenance free and some require a bit of tender loving care to look their best such as regular staining or oiling. Natural stone countertops come in a variety of finishes with the most common being polished, high gloss, honed or matte. Below are some of the variables of living stone countertops.

Granite is the most durable of the natural stone countertops. The only harder stone is the diamond. It will not scratch, crack or chip and can withstand heat. It can though break dishes or glasses if set down too hard. Granite is available in rich colors and a polish that won’t wear off. Since granite is porous you need reseal it about once a year.

Soapstone, which is primarily made up of the mineral talc is popular in both modern or country style kitchens. The nature of soapstone means acids won’t etch the stone and the stains can be easily sanded out. Homeowners tend to like the not so perfect soapstone and view it as character instead of flaws. Mineral oil brings out its rich, dark color and makes it shine.

The sleek and elegant marble countertop is timeless. Usually found in the baker’s kitchen, it is the serious bakers’ choice for rolling dough. Marble is more porous than granite so it requires sealant to be applied more frequently to prevent stains. Since it is not nearly as hard as some other stone countertops, it is best to be used in small sections instead than the primary countertop.

Beautiful slate is available in tones of gray, green, purple and black. It’s certainly not just for roofs or floors anymore. Slate is definitely becoming a popular choice in the kitchen. Its beauty and strength make it a durable and stylish option. As with soapstone, regular treatment with mineral oil will bring out the beauty of this material. Any scratches can usually be removed by rubbing with a damp sponge. Deeper scratches can be buffed out by using steel wool.

Limestone consists mainly of calcite, a neutral-toned mineral. Limestone varies in hardness but is a more porous stone that stains easily. It requires regular resealing to prevent stains.

Quartz is an interesting stone countertop. Though often called engineered stone, this material is composed of natural quartz mixed with epoxy resin binders. Quartz is an incredibly hard and durable surface. It is nonabsorbent that makes it more user friendly and stain resistant. It is basically maintenance free with just a simple wipe off with warm water. Different pigments are mixed in the making of the quartz surfacing and because of this there are beautiful colors to choose from.

Lava stone is a more unusual countertop material that is often sold under the French brand name Pyrolave. Lava stone is quarried in France then enameled and fired. It has a very high gloss finish and colors can be customized.

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Simonton Windows Introduces New Extruded Screen Frames

dean-lumber-simonton-window-screensA completely redesigned screen frame is now standard on select replacement and new construction windows from Simonton Windows®. The new extruded screen frame features a streamlined appearance, a newly-designed water management system and integrated lift handles. The rigid frames can also be color matched for a customized look with a window.

“This durable screen frame features strong, staked corner keys that significantly reduce the tendency for a typical screen to warp, bow or distort,” says Joshua Wagner, product manager at Simonton Windows. “The screen corners are precision-mitered for a smooth, streamlined appearance. And, the interior-facing spline improves curb appeal and provides a more uniform appearance to the window overall.”

According to Wagner, convenient lift handles are integrated into the profile of the screen and nested springs help ensure easy, worry-free operation. “All of these new features come together to create a terrific option to standard roll form screen frames,” says Wagner. “One of the benefits we’re especially pleased with on this extruded screen is the unique, concealed weep system that faces the interior and promotes water drainage away from the window frame. This is a great feature of the new frame.”

The new extruded screen comes standard on several Simonton replacement, new construction and impact-resistant products. The new screen can be ordered as an upgrade option on several products where the company’s roll formed screens are standard.

Simonton Windows® produces ENERGY STAR qualified replacement and new construction windows and doors, including a line of impact-resistant products. For the second year in a row, Simonton ranked “Highest in Builder and Remodeler Satisfaction among Residential Window and Patio Door Manufacturers” in the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Builder and Remodeler Residential Window and Patio Door Satisfaction StudySM. Simonton was also ranked #1 in quality in the 2009, 2007, 2002 and 1998 Brand Use Studies sponsored by Builder magazine and has won three Best-In-Class Awards from Market Research Associates.

Founded in 1946, Simonton’s hallmark has been to deliver its made-to-order products in five days or less. Part of the home and security business of Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE: FO), Simonton delivers award-winning products nationwide to key markets throughout the 48 continental United States.

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An Attractive Garage Adds Important Curb Appeal

dean-lumber-garage-doorsYou probably don’t think of your garage as an extension of your home but whether you have an attached or free-standing garage, it is an important part of your property.  An attractive garage is an important part of the curb appeal of your home.  Take a good look at your garage and chances are you’ll find some room for improvement to the exterior or the inside.

If you have a newer home, garage doors are what people usually see first when they look at your house.  An attached garage is often up to or more than half the size of the front of a house so if it doesn’t look its best, neither does your house.   New garage doors give your garage a facelift and complement your home.

Dean Lumber in Southern Maryland carries garage doors manufactured by Amarr and Raynor, backed up by a lifetime warranty on the motor and a 1 year parts warranty.  There are many styles to choose from, to match your home’s exterior décor or provide a stunning contrast.  If you would like to change and improve the exterior of your home, one of the first things on your remodel list should be replacing the garage door.

Garage doors include safety features such as an automatic stop; if a pet, child or object breaks the invisible beam of light at floor level the door will stop descending.  This feature has saved many lives and prevented property damage to thousands of cars and outdoor equipment.  The Posilock safety feature automatically locks the door upon closure, preventing break-ins by intruders or vandals.  Should your power be interrupted, there is a manual release handle on all of our garage doors.

No matter what type of garage doors you need, Dean Lumber can help.  We have single car and two-car models in many styles and finishes.  You can get garage doors to match your beautiful wooden front door or choose an attractive white metal door.  Beautiful windows let in light from the outside or you might want to pick out a solid door.

Garage doors are an excellent way to help control your energy costs, too.  Older garage doors were not designed to keep your garage as airtight as possible; newer models help prevent heat and cold from invading your garage.  If you’ve ever winced at the blast of cold air that sweeps into your home when you enter from parking the car, you know how much money that can save!

What about the interior of your garage?  Whether you want to install a workshop, rejuvenate an existing one or install garage cabinets we have what you need in stock at one of our many locations.  Garage cabinets are an important and convenient feature even if you don’t want a workshop in your garage.  They can hold car washing and maintenance supplies, your vehicle’s winter gear, extra fluids can be put out of reach of curious children and they can even store yard maintenance equipment.  Garage cabinets from Dean Lumber add to the value and beauty of your home and keep your garage safe and clutter free.

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Basco Shower Enclosures Introduces Curved Preceria Shower Door

Basco Shower Enclosures Introduces Curved Preceria Shower DoorUnique Door Has Curves in all the Right Places

Continuing to lead the way in shower door innovation and technology, Basco Shower Enclosures introduces its Preceria Shower Door in a sensual, sleek, “curved” shower door that adds a contemporary look to any bathroom.

“When our engineering department set out to design the Preceria door, they started from the ground up, analyzing and evaluating every aspect of the doors,” says Steve Lotz, vice president of manufacturing for Basco Shower Enclosures. “We wanted to offer homeowners something different that could truly serve as the focal point in the bathroom. Preceria offers a streamlined look with many innovative curved elements.”

Preceria features a slightly curved door and a solid, elliptical-shaped header that suspends 1.5 inches over the door and attaches to it via clips. The 75-inch-tall door features an oversized 8-inch elliptical-shaped pull handle and is centered between two panels. Preceria is 5/16-inch-thick in an industry first – and the door offers homeowners the flexibility of swinging both in and out. It can fit virtually any size opening, and is only available in a panel-door-panel configuration. Homeowners can choose from either a curved door or a straight door, and can select from Basco’s silver, brushed nickel and 15 powdered-coated finishes. Currently, Preceria is available in clear glass.

Since 1955, Basco has earned the trust of millions of customers by designing and fabricating quality custom shower doors and shower enclosures. Basco’s approach to innovation, knowledgeable customer service staff, on-time delivery, product guarantees, and a full training program has established them as the known and trusted industry leader. Basco is consistently rated number one in quality and brand preference within the industry.

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An Energy Efficient Home Improvement: Doors

dean-lumber-doorsDoors are taken for granted by nearly every one of us.  They allow us access and egress from our homes, offices and nearly everyplace we visit but we rarely take time to appreciate them.  Doors give us protection from the elements and those that mean us harm.  Given everything that our doors do for us, it’s a good thing to keep them in top condition.

One of the most beneficial home improvements we can do is to replace our old doors with energy efficient, security enhancing doors.  Our front door is one of the first things that people notice when they pass by or visit our homes.  They are our first line of defense against rain, snow, cold, heat and intruders.  Dean Lumber of St. Mary’s County has a large selection of styles and materials you’ll want to consider when it’s time to replace one of more of your outside or inside doors.

You may want to replace your front door with a solid, sturdy steel door that is energy efficient as well as protective.  We have all colors of steel doors, some with attractive windows and some solid.  You won’t lose heat or cooling through these doors as you do with outdated, older doors.  Your energy savings will pay for a new door within a couple of years.

You may want a more traditional wooden door, especially if you want to maintain the décor and style of an older home.  Visit Dean Lumber in Southern Maryland for a selection of beautiful solid wood doors that are crafted with attention to detail.  These are not hollow-core imitations, although we can provide you with those.  Our wood doors come in a variety of finishes and styles that will beautify and protect your home.

You may also want to consider a screen door.  Screen doors provide a safe way to enjoy warm spring breezes or enjoy that autumn fragrance of wood smoke and turning leaves.  You can opt for a conventional screen door with a simple locking mechanism or choose a security screen door that is impenetrable yet allows refreshing air to flow freely through your home.  These screen doors can match your front or back door or provide an attractive contrast if you choose.

Is your patio door energy efficient?  Does it make your home secure?  If not you will want to think about replacing it.  Many styles of patio doors provide less security than a simple old-fashioned screen door.  Dean Lumber carries sliding doors that also provide security, French doors that discourage intruders and can provide child-proof locksets to keep your family safe and secure.

You may just want to give your existing doors a face lift with new hardware and locksets.  If your doors are energy efficient and secure, new hardware can change the entire look of an entryway.  It’s an inexpensive way to provide a room with a refreshing new look.  Dean Lumber has everything you need for spectacular doors.

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LG Hausys HI-MACS Galaxy Offers Design in the Next Dimension

LG-Hausys-GalaxyLG Hausys Surfaces has introduced the next dimension of solid surface with HI-MACS® Galaxy. Fusing out of this world colors with large transparent chips inspired by the new quartz styles of today, HI-MACS Galaxy maintains all the benefits and functionality of non-porous, seamless solid surface. Translucent particulates and shimmers of pearl flash in random sizes and colors, freeing the imagination to explore light and space with HI-MACS Galaxy new generation solid surface in eight celestial colors.

HI-MACS Galaxy offers extreme durability, versatility and lasting beauty for interior solid surface designs with its high-emphasis on the large translucent particulate flashes found in contemporary quartz countertops. LG Hausys HI-MACS eco-friendly solid surface features enhanced thermoformable properties for effortless fabrication and seamless installations. Countertops of the HI-MACS Galaxy collection can be easily cleaned and maintained for long-lasting performance. The non-porous surface of HI-MACS Galaxy is ideal for private residences and large-scale architectural applications including hospitality, healthcare, education and retail design.

Made in the USA, the complete range of HI-MACS solid surface has achieved GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality and GREENGUARD for Children & Schools certification as low-emitting interior materials for contributions to LEED building projects. Backed by a 15 year warranty, HI-MACS Galaxy solid surface comes standard in 1/2″ thicknesses and 30″ x 145″ sheets with custom lengths available through special order.

LG Hausys’ Prestige Collection of healthy and hygienic NSF-certified materials also features the HI-MACS Marmo range, offering the look and feel of natural stone with the performance of an easy to maintain seamless surface.

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Give Your Kitchen a Facelift by Adding a New Custom Countertop

dean-lumber-countertopsIf you’ve thought about remodeling your kitchen, you know how expensive it can be.  But what if you could change the whole ambiance of the room by replacing just one item?  You can do that with new solid surface tops, known to most people as kitchen counter tops.

Think about how much use your kitchen gets; the kids traipse through raiding the fridge, you or your spouse cook meals there, you may have a table or bar where you eat meals.  The kitchen table or breakfast gets a lot of use-for homework, chatting over coffee, planning menus or even doing the household budget.  It’s no wonder your kitchen counters are worn and tired looking!

There are many different types of solid surface tops, one for every taste and budget.  You might remember when laminate counter tops were introduced and how they looked after a few years’ use.  There have been significant changes in these counter tops and they are now beautiful, durable and tough.  They are also the least expensive way to upgrade your kitchen; delivery and installation can be done in less than one day.  You can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns to give your kitchen a whole new look.

If you are an earthier person who likes warm colors and natural settings you might want to consider butcher block solid surface tops.  These wooden counter tops add warmth and heart to your kitchen and with proper maintenance they age beautifully, just as every other fine wood does.  You’ll be sure to find a grain and color that you love.  This type of counter is versatile in that you can combine a section or two with another type of counter top.  A butcher block section of counter can provide a wonderful, warm contrast when the rest of your counter tops are building products of another type such as laminate or granite.

Granite is very popular these days and for good reason.  Granite is one of the few finished building products that boasts a unique pattern for each piece.  This type of stone is remarkable for the richly colored veins of minerals winding through it, making no two pieces alike.  It is incredibly durable, easy to clean and disinfect and will not discolor even under some of the most stringent conditions.  There are wonderful colors to choose from and once new granite counter tops are installed, you’ll feel as if you have a whole new kitchen!

Another choice is cultured marble such as Corian.  It is a beautiful material for solid surface tops, easy to take care of and extremely durable.  (Natural marble should not be used in kitchens, as it is porous.)  Cultured marble comes in many different colors and patterns and is solid and durable.  This type of counter top is also very popular, not only because of its beauty but because it adds to the value of your home.

Dean Lumber
is proud of our selection of materials in our solid surface tops.  If you would like to upgrade your kitchen by replacing your counter tops, we have a wide variety of building products for you to choose from in the Southern Maryland area.

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Two New Colors Added to GAF-Elk’s Most Popular Lifetime Designer Shingle

dean-lumber-shinglesGAF-Elk has announced the addition of two new colors to its popular Camelot® Lifetime Designer Shingle series. In an effort to keep up with current trends and meet customer demands, GAF-Elk has added Riverstone Grey and Sunset Slate to the nine existing color choices.

As GAF-Elk’s top-of-the-line asphalt shingle, Camelot® offers affordable luxury at a fraction of the cost of expensive, old-fashioned slate or wood shakes. Its unique design and color blends create maximum curb appeal, and homeowners can take comfort in its high performance and durability.

Like all GAF-Elk shingles, Camelot® Lifetime Designer Shingles incorporate Advanced Protection technology, which results in improved performance. In fact, Camelot® shingles—and all GAF-Elk shingles–pass ASTM’s two toughest wind tests: ASTM D3161 Class F 110 mph and ASTM D7158 Class H 150 mph.

Camelot® shingles come with a lifetime limited warranty, as well as Smart Choice® Protection (non-prorated material and installation coverage) for the first 10 years. Existing colors include Antique Slate, Aged Oak, Florida Blend, Essex Green, Welsh Gray, Terra Cotta, San Gabriel, Sheffield Black, and Williamsburg Slate. The shingles include StainGuard® algae protection, which helps assure the beauty of the roof against unsightly blue-green algae stains.

To learn more about Camelot® Lifetime Designer Shingles and other GAF-Elk Roofing products visit Dean Lumber located in Southern Maryland.

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Create Outdoor Living Space by Adding a Deck

dean-lumber-decksDecks are wonderful outdoor living spaces!  Having a deck is almost like having an extra room in your home but with all the advantages of fresh air and sunshine.  They are great areas for entertaining, family gatherings or just relaxing while enjoying your garden or the great outdoors.

If you are planning to add a deck to your home, though, you must first consider what you will want to use it for.  Does it need to be large because you often have friends over?  If you have a big family, too, you want it to be big enough for everyone to be able to gather in comfort.  If there are just a couple people in your household you may want to opt for a smaller deck.  Will it be just inches off the ground or several feet with steps to reach rest of the yard?  These are important considerations when you are planning the construction of your deck.  You must also think of access to the rest of the house.

There have been a lot of new innovations in decking materials in the past decade.  If you are at all familiar with outdoor decks built years ago you know that the owners had to go to great lengths and a lot of labor to protect the wood of the decking; nearly every year you would see them outside studiously applying coats of paint or protectant.  With the treated wood available now, you won’t have that headache.

Dean Lumber carries ACQ lumber which has been treated with a copper-based preservative to prevent decay and insect damage.  There is also Composite Decking, which looks just like wood but resists splintering, rot and warping.  Both these materials are very easy to maintain, with practically no effort involved.  Woodwork with these newer materials is no different than convention materials but the results are labor-saving and beautiful.

If you decide you would prefer traditional decking materials, Dean Lumber carries the finest quality lumber available.  You won’t find warped or rotted lumber, only straight lumber of the greatest structural integrity.

Once you’ve decided on the size and position of your deck and which materials you’ll build it with, what about roofing?  By building a roof over all or part of your deck you can have all the advantages of a covered patio and combined with a sunshine-soaked outdoor retreat.  You may want to leave it an open area and provide shade with existing trees or attractive umbrellas.  One reason you may want to use roofing for part or all of your deck is if you want to add millwork such as cabinets for storage or outdoor toys and equipment.  Be sure that you have adequate venting for cooking, however.

Dean Lumber has consultants, engineers and designers available to help you plan your project and keep you on budget.  If you prefer not to do it yourself there are also reliable, experienced subcontractors that can turn your plans into the deck of your dreams.

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Weather Shield Expands Fiberglass-Clad Product Line With Energy Smart Patio Doors

dean-lumber-fiberglass-windowsFiberglass-clad patio doors from Weather Shield® Windows & Doors now offer homeowners the ultimate combination of beauty, strength and energy efficiency in distinctive French-style sliding or hinged models. A superior choice for savings and longevity, fiberglass-clad products conserve energy and resist warping and cracking, even in extreme conditions.

“The fiberglass-clad patio doors embrace our company’s environmental values without compromising architectural design, function, durability and aesthetic appeal,” said Weather Shield Brand Manager Chris Schield. “The energy performance, durable fiberglass exteriors and a choice of interior species and options make the fiberglass-clad doors an Energy Smart choice for any home.”

Several characteristics of these patio doors add to their energy efficiency and ability to meet the stringent .30 U-factor/.30 solar heat gain coefficient criteria of the 2009 energy tax credits and the forthcoming revised Energy Star guidelines:

  • The fiberglass-clad panels are 1-¾” thick and filled with foamed-in polyurethane insulation for six times the energy efficiency of solid wood doors.
  • The glazing is tempered insulated glass, with additional options of Zo-e-shield 5 or 6, EasyCare® Low E2 and argon gas in the airspace. Glass is available in clear, or gray or bronze tint.

Weather Shield products qualify for a maximum 23 points towards LEED-NC2.2 certification. Point categories include Sustainable Sites, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation & Design Process.

The door is available in a four-panel, bi-parting configuration as well as one-, two- and three-wide units for a truly grand entrance.

Weather Shield fiberglass-clad patio doors are available in several interior choices: textured fiberglass (standard), pine or character alder. The wood interiors, machined from solid wood, are available with three finish options: white latex, prestained fruitwood and clear lacquer. Fiberglass interiors can be prefinished in five finishes.

The exterior of these patio doors feature low-maintenance, heavy-duty mat and roving fiberglass cladding, making these patio doors one of the most durable and energy efficient on the market. The fiberglass is scratch and dent resistant and won’t warp or become brittle in extreme climates. And because it does not rot or corrode, it is ideal for coastal applications. One piece exterior door panels have no open joints providing increased strength, weather-tightness and stability. An extruded aluminum-clad frame virtually eliminates maintenance on the unit. The painted exterior finish resists fading, peeling or flaking and is available in five standard color options – white, tan, brick red, Hartford green, craftsman bronze – and pebble tone and silver anodized finishes.

The door can be ordered with Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) in colors that match the unit’s interior and exterior finishes. Airspace grilles are available in colors that match the unit’s exterior finishes or can be ordered in two-tone combinations. For a most elegant look, beveled glass with brass caming also is available.

The door’s pultruded fiberglass sill has a superior drainage system and is thermally broken. The bottom sweep and adjustable threshold on the swinger and French models keep the unit weather tight.

All three door styles feature an advanced locking system that provides excellent security. The French and swinger models have three reinforced lock points and a metal deadbolt. The slider has two reinforced lock points.

Source: Renown Marketing Communications

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